2013 GoH: Naoyuki Katoh

Naoyuki Katoh

Naoyuki Katoh is a Japanese artist, born in Osaka in 1952 and growing up in Hamamatsu. After he moved to Tokyo, he started his career as an SF artist with work appearing in various SF magazine and on book covers. He is one of the founders of Studio Nue.
He is a member of SFFWJ (SF&Fantasy Writers of Japan) and SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America).

【Recent work】

 ・Cover arts of many Sci-Fi novels
 ・"Culdcept" [Video game by Omiyasoft] (Artwork)
 ・"Powered Suit"(3D modeling for a prototype of toys)
 ・"Legend of the Galactic Heroes"(Mechanic design for an animation)
 ・"Naoyuki Katoh, Sci-Fi Illustrator: Beauties, Mechanicals, Powered Suits"(Art collection)
 ・"TIME & SPACE"(Art collection)
 ・"Naoyuki Kato Guin Saga Illustrations Book"(Art collection)
 ・"Motoichiro TAKEBE Sci-Fi Illustrations"(as Editorial Supervisor)
 ・"PANZER ANGEL  GABRIEL"(Collaboration with Kazutaka Miyatake)
 ・"SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO 2199" (Publicity artwork)


"Naoyuki Katoh, Sci-Fi Illustrator:
Beauties, Mechanicals, Powered Suits"
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"Naoyuki Kato
Guin Saga Illustrations Book"
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"Motoichiro TAKEBE Sci-Fi Illustrations"
(as Editorial Supervisor)
Laputa Co.,ltd

SF画家加藤直之 時空間画抄

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"Motoichiro TAKEBE Sci-Fi Illustrations"
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Twitter http://twitter.com/NaoyukiKatoh
Website 『加藤さんちの仕事場』 http://homepage2.nifty.com/NaoKatoh/
Blog http://naokatoh.cocolog-nifty.com/